MAgnetic mold for heart shaped chocolates

Heart Magnetic Mold


Polycarbonate chocolate molds with detachable covers are ideal for professional chocolatiers. These polycarbonate chocolate molds are tough, strong & rigid. They are ideal for making Printed or personalized chocolates using transfer sheets. They come with stainless steel detachable covers. The best feature in polycarbonate chocolate mold is- you can stack the several molds one on top of each other in the freezer or freeze without causing damage to the chocolates in the molds below. With the help of this mold you can create an 18 triangle shape chocolates easily. The mold comprises top polycarbonate section and bottom metal plate. The 2 pieces are held tightly together with commercial quality magnets and can be separated to line the bottom of the mold with transfer sheet and during de-moulding. This mold does not retain any odors or flavors. It is very easy to use and quick to clean. The mold is durable for long time use. The material of polycarbonate mold is virtually unbreakable and will not warp or flex.

Mold Dimensions (l*b*h): 27 cm x 13 cm x 2.4 cm

Cavity Dimensions (l*b*h): 3 cm x 3 cm  x 1 cm

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